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UAL/CAL/CMI Mechanics Weekly Update – January 10, 2012

Moving Forward…What Comes Next?

Since the sub UA membership accepted the terms of their agreement on December 29th, steps are underway to begin the work of amalgamating the agreements into a joint collective bargaining agreement.

1.         To complete the process of individual agreements for all three subsidiaries, the parties are meeting the week of January 16th to complete the Continental Micronesia agreement. The goal is to finish this agreement during this session.

2.         The Principal Officers and Business Agents of all the pertinent Locals are slated to meet in early February to discuss the integration process. At this meeting items will be discussed regarding the make-up of the Steering, Negotiating and Seniority Integration committees.

3.         Information requests will be (in some cases already have been) made of the company for pertinent information associated with seniority lists as well as medical and pension plan data to be made available to the various committees

As the process unfolds the membership will be updated through the Airline Division’s “Week in Review,”  “The Mechanics Dispatch,” various Local and International websites, bulletin boards in the workplace, and email blasts to those members that have signed up to receive them. If you haven’t signed up to receive email notifications you may do so using the hot link at the bottom of this email. Once talks begin for the joint agreement and haven’t seen your concern addressed through the above communications please contact your Chief Stewards or Business Agents. There are weekly calls with these Representatives to ensure they have the most accurate and up to date information.

Sub UA Transition Items

Work continues to complete the transition into the new agreement. The big item this week is holiday pay for January 1st. The time and a half premium along with pay rates were Day One items and members should be paid according to the new rates in the ratified agreement. A problem arose when payroll interpreted the transition documents incorrectly and then allowed the program to pay straight time as the premium as opposed to time and one half. Members affected by this will most likely see an adjustment in the next check following the holiday check if the correction can’t be made in time.

401(k) Contributions

It was reported in the last update that members are limited to 30% of their signing bonus going to the 401(k). There is a way through supplemental deductions to increase the amount. Members are advised to call Fidelity directly at 1-800-245-9034. When talking to the Fidelity adviser for calculating the additional contributions, be aware that the signing bonus will be paid the same day as the regular pay check on 1/26 and both checks will be subject to the same supplemental deductions.

Benefits Committee Meets

The sub CO benefits committee met in Florida last week. Members from sub UA attended the meeting to listen in and learn from the process. A full report of the committee is not available as of the writing of this article but will be ready for next week’s Dispatch.

Continuing Compliance Issues

Members are advised to be aware of the constantly changing paperwork. Ensure you have the most current paperwork to avoid problems with the FAA. If you do find that the wrong paperwork was used please fill out the MSAP/ASAP and NASA forms. Please also immediately contact your Local flight safety representative to guide you through the process. Members will be helped through the process and if the issue is raised to the point of receiving a letter from the FAA the license protection program is in place for further protection.

Sub UA Physicians Choice Forms

Article 14, paragraph H of the new agreement retains the language of the old agreement for physician’s choice for work related injuries. If the member has their personal physician on file prior to injury they may select to use them instead of the state panel doctors for occupational injuries. As it is the New Year this is a good time to ensure your file is up to date.

Future Dispatch Columns

A couple of items of general interest to the membership have been brought forward. In future editions look for legislative updates, retiree issues and items for members on furlough.

If you know a retiree that would like to share his/her experiences, please pass them on. The idea is to give insight to those considering retirement while also keeping in touch with those that have retired.

For Legislative updates, this column will focus on lobbying efforts as they pertain to the membership from the International. If you are involved in a local issue or have met with a member of Congress, Governor or State House member and would like to see your visit included please contact your Business Agent or Chief Steward so they can forward your update.

Members on furlough have been getting erroneous information from various web sites about their recall rights as well as how the process for return works. This column will focus on providing accurate information to those on furlough as well as including them in information surrounding the merger

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