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News On 6: American Airlines Mechanics’ Support Growing Rapidly for Teamster Representation

An enthusiastic group of over two dozen Teamster organizers, AA mechanics and UAL Teamster mechanics from across the nation gathered in Tulsa this weekend for three successful days of trainings, meetings and worker-to-worker outreach in support of our campaign to become Teamsters. We got the attention of our coworkers and local media.

Check out Tulsa’s News On 6 coverage of this weekend’s events and share it with your coworkers.

Commenting on the card drive, Teamsters Airline Division Representative and Teamsters Aviation Mechanics Coalition chair Chris Moore said, “We are very pleased with our progress to date and look forward to more meetings with the American mechanics, answering questions and explaining the benefits of being a part of the largest airline-based union in America – the Teamsters.”

And as News On 6 observed in its article, AA mechanics and related are ready for the change!

A reporter interviewed our AA mechanic brother Tom Schlabaugh. “The union we have now (TWU), they’re watching our jobs go away,” he said. “We’ve signed a contract that gives away 35 percent of the work we currently have.”

Another article in Tulsa World quotes Chris Moore, who said we are seeing “a lot of enthusiasm” for the Teamsters. “These American Airlines workers have issues that go back over 10 years. They’re tired of being beaten over the head. We’re gathering momentum.”

Chris also spoke about why the Teamsters are clearly the best choice for AA mechanics:

“The one issue that the mechanics see very clearly in this bankruptcy is the absolute need for the backing and support of a union like the Teamsters and the expertise of our Airline Division. When you are attempting to protect your careers and your families in a fight with one of the biggest airlines in the world, you need a union with experience and resources like the Teamsters, You also need the support and resources of the TAMC (the Teamsters Aviation Mechanics Coalition) that brings together mechanics from across the airline industry to fight for you on Capitol Hill.”

Click here to watch the News On 6 video and pass it along to your coworkers.

With the Teamsters, We Can Win At American Airlines!

For more information, call the campaign hotline at 877-589-4951 or visit www.teamster.org/aamx.