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Teamsters Hold Pipeline Stewards School


More than 200 stewards, business agents and principal officers from Teamster local unions with pipeline projects across the country attended the 2nd Annual Pipeline Stewards School held this week. 

General Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall, International Vice President Ken Wood and International Trustee Kevin Moore all gave opening remarks as each are principal officers of local unions who have pipeline projects in their jurisdiction.

The packed schedule included presentations from the Teamsters Safety and Health Department, Strategic Research and Campaigns, and other division staff to illustrate the support that is available for members of local unions working with pipeline projects.

Building Material and Construction Trade Division Director Marion Davis presented an overview of the pipeline industry and emphasized how important it is for Teamster members to be well-trained and appropriately certified.  “We want our members to be able to work at good-paying jobs and with an exceptional work ethic,” Davis said.

“I think the pipeline training school was very successful,” said Craig Pawlik, the principal officer of Teamsters Local 229 in Scranton, Penn. “We have had a lot of pipeline work and it’s critical for us to make sure our members are properly trained on hazmat, safety and equipment so that they can perform whatever a job requires.”

David LaBorde, director of Pipeline within the Division, said, “We had a significant increase in participants at our Pipeline Stewards School this year. I received many appreciative comments from stewards and business agents who joined us so I know that the work we put into providing useful information was well received.”