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2014 Convention of the Teamsters Hispanic Caucus Kicks Off Today


Teamster delegates and members from around the country are gathering today in downtown Denver, Colo. for the 2014 Convention of the National Teamsters Hispanic Caucus (NTHC). This year’s event includes two days of plenaries, workshops and speakers, including Colorado Lieutenant Governor Joe Garcia. View more photos from this event.

“As Latinos in the most powerful union in North America, it’s extremely important for us to come together and talk about the national issues that are impacting Hispanic workers throughout the country,” said NTHC President George Miranda.

“Members of our Caucus are at the center of some of the most critical organizing battles in the labor movement today and we’re on the frontlines in the national struggle for immigration reform that delivers justice to millions of hardworking Latinos and all working families. We’re looking forward to a great convention to get us prepared for the upcoming election season and beyond,” said Miranda, who is also an International Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer of Local 210 in New York.

Registration for the Convention began this morning and will be followed by two full days of workshops, speakers and Caucus elections.

Teamsters General Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall will speak at the Convention tomorrow along with General President James P. Hoffa who will address the gathering by video. Other notable speakers include Colorado Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia, Former U.S. Secretary of the Interior and Senator Ken Salazar, and Colorado Rep. Crisanta Duran.

Teamster leaders such as International Trustee Ron Herrera, Executive Director of the Caucus, and International Vice Presidents Steve Vairma and Rome Aloise will speak to delegates, discussing important organizing efforts and political campaigns affecting Latino workers and Teamsters nationwide.

“It has been a busy year for the Hispanic Caucus, from the ongoing fight for justice at Taylor Farms to the fight for municipal identification cards that will allow undocumented immigrants access to important city services. We must stand together to ensure that every worker regardless of documentation gets fair treatment on the job,” said General President Hoffa.

“This Caucus’s efforts make the Teamsters union stronger,” Hoffa added.

The Teamsters National Hispanic Caucus was founded to assist and promote the interests of Hispanic Teamsters and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and to promote those interests on the local, state, and national level.