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Listen To Teamster Nation News For Oct. 22-28



Hoffa Leads GOTV Push In Illinois, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin; Poll Shows Public Doesn’t Want Truckers Driving More Hours; Teamsters, Unions Creating Better Workforce Through Training; D.C. Taxi Drivers Take To Street In Call For Fairness; Teamsters Ask Sysco, US Foods  Workers To Show Unity; This Week In Teamster History; Don’t Let Congress Trade U.S. Jobs Away


General President Heads To Worksites To Motivate Members To Vote; Eighty Percent Of Americans Believe Roads Will Be Less Safe If Truckers Drive More; Labor Secretary Says Teamsters Are Playing a Pivotal Role In Training Workers; Taxi Drivers In Nation’s Capital Say They Deserve Fairness When It Comes To Regulations; Sysco, US Foods Employees Need To Call Out Ownership For Answers About Merger; Remembering The Signing Of The Fair Labor Standards Act; Trade Deals Are Good News For Corporations, Bad News For Workers