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Teamsters Call on UPS to Leave ALEC at Massive Protest in San Diego


(WASHINGTON) – Hundreds of Teamsters from across California traveled to San Diego today to participate in a massive protest outside a national meeting for the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). The Teamsters had one clear message they wanted to send – it was time for UPS to end its affiliation with ALEC. View photos from the event, here.

The Teamsters Union represents more than 250,000 members at UPS and UPS Freight. UPS remains an active member of ALEC despite the organization’s anti-worker and anti-union agenda that seeks to undermine and weaken worker protections. As of April 2015, more than 120 major corporations and organizations have publically announced they no longer work with ALEC due to the organization’s stance on many controversial issues.

“Global corporations like Coca Cola, Apple, McDonald’s and even Walmart have decided that continuing a relationship with this toxic organization is too damaging to their brand,” said Ken Hall, Teamsters General Secretary-Treasurer and Package Division Director. “It begs the question of why UPS, the largest unionized company in America, continues to associate with ALEC. It’s time for UPS to do the right thing for its workers and cut ties with ALEC.”

Randy Cammack, President of Teamster Joint Council 42, which represents members throughout Southern California, spoke at the protest and asked the crowd to help him send a message to a UPS representative inside.

“There is a UPS representative inside attending the meeting as we rally out here,” Cammack said. “Let’s make sure she can hear what we have to say – UPS, get out of ALEC! UPS, get out of ALEC! UPS, get out of ALEC!”

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