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Hoffa Calls for Bipartisan Approach to Infrastructure Investment


(WASHINGTON) – Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa stressed the need for a commitment by Democrats and Republicans to put aside partisan agendas and move forward to find a long-term solution to surface transportation funding.

Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour joined Hoffa at a National Press Club Newsmakers press conference today to discuss infrastructure investment.

“Infrastructure investment is not about Democrats or Republicans,” Hoffa said. “It’s about doing what’s right for America. Our nation’s bridges, roads, airports and ports are crumbling and it is time for Congress to hammer out a bipartisan plan that invests in our nation’s infrastructure.”

The Teamsters Union launched the “Let’s Get America Working!” campaign this week. The platform calls for the country to invest in infrastructure, which in turn will create good jobs for everyday Americans. For example, working on transportation, energy and water projects will put thousands to work in construction jobs across the country. It will improve roads, bridges, ports and other infrastructure, which in turn will help business and improve the U.S. economy.

Gov. Barbour expressed his belief that repairing and updating our infrastructure is a key to the country’s economic health.

“Our infrastructure moves freight and people, but in a larger sense it moves our economy,” Barbour said.

Sec. Foxx voiced his commitment to pushing for a solution to the nation’s failing infrastructure.

“The American people know we need a better transportation system,” Foxx said. “Let’s give it to them. Let’s move America forward and focus on results.”

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