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Graphic Communications Conference Convenes Second Day of 3rd Convention


The second day of the 3rd Convention of the Graphic Communications Conference opened with a speech by Teamsters General Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall who spoke about how the merger between the GCC and the Teamsters over 10 years ago brought strength to both unions. “We are now in a better position to serve all the members throughout our lobbying efforts, our departments, our divisions and our staff,” Hall said.

Following Hall’s speech there was a presentation by Bob Lacey, the Secretary-Treasurer of the GCC.  Lacey told the delegates about the good news of the union’s financial state – how costs since the last convention have been reduced by several million dollars, how current headquarters staff have stepped up to take on more duties instead of replacing retiring staff members and how at this convention there would be no need for the delegates to consider any dues increases.

Several convention resolutions were discussed and voted upon after which the organizing field staff led a discussion about the state of organizing in the GCC.  Rick Street and Rick Putman, both field organizers, spoke to the delegates about how, due to technological advancements, consolidation of large employers and the purchasing of established firms by equity funds, GCC membership has been affected.  “We need to return to our grassroots where the International, the Conference, assists our locals to build an organizing strategy and develop local organizing committees.” Many delegates voiced their support and pledged to revitalize there local organizing committees in order to build the union.

During the third and last day of the GCC convention delegates will honor those members who have passed away since the last convention, members who have had 50 or 60 years of service will be honored and there will be some remaining resolutions discussed.




There were also presentations about organizing