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Graphic Communications Conference Opens 3rd Convention


Delegates from across the U.S. and Canada opened the first day of the 3rd Graphic Communications Conference Convention today. This is the first of a three-day convention where union issues and resolutions will be discussed.

At today’s opening, George Tedeschi, President of the GCC, addressed the delegates and guests, saying that the GCC is strong and that the merger that was voted on over 11 years ago with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters was the best move and that its continues to give strength to the GCC. “The merger was the right thing to do and I am pleased to be here with all of you.  Since our last convention our staff has become stronger, many taking on additional duties in order for us to continue to save money. I believe everyone is doing an excellent job.”

Jim Hoffa, Teamsters General President, told the delegates that, “We are bigger, stronger than we were five years ago at your last convention. Right along with the changes in technology, our members are learning new skills – so we can keep ahead of the changes. We have organized 150,000 people since our last convention. We are marching together for a better day and I will guarantee you that we will be here five years from now.”

After his remarks, a GCC delegate approached the microphone to speak about how the Teamsters Disaster Relief Fund has assisted a family in need after the flooding that hit the St. Louis area last year. Despite the flood affecting the printing facility where 200 members worked, just one family had significant damage to their home. “We contacted President Tedeschi’s office and he put us in contact with the Teamsters Disaster Relief Fund. I’m proud to say that the Fund issued a check to the family whose home was damaged. Thank you.”

The GCC Convention will re-convene Friday, June 24 where speakers include Teamsters General Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall, GCC Secretary-Treasurer Robert Lacey in addition to committee reports delivered by convention delegates.  Click Here to view gallery.