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Learn about the Teamsters’ fight to help keep so-called right-to-work laws at bay both in states around the country as well as at the federal level, and efforts to halt other anti-worker legislation across the country. Plus, Teamsters airline mechanics compete at competition to show off their maintenance skills and union training. And finally, a song from one of the nation’s most beloved bluesmen.


Features interviews with Dale Lance, Aramark Uniform Services route sales representative;  Marni von Wilpert, Economic Policy Institute associate labor counsel; Ken Hall, IBT General Secretary-Treasurer and Local 175 President; Jim Kabell, President, Missouri-Kansas-Nebraska Conference of Teamsters; Jeff Padellaro, Local 633 Principal Officer; Chris Moore, Chairman, Teamsters Aviation Mechanics Coalition; Bob Fisher, International Representative, Teamsters Airline Division; Marcos Penpol, UPS Air Cargo mechanic; Boyd Ingram, UPS Air Cargo mechanic;  John Goglia, AMC competition co-founder; Jarred Hegna, United Airlines mechanic; and Shiva Ramcoobair, United Airlines mechanic