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Teamster Women Spur Empowerment


Teamster Women’s Conference continued its second day on Monday, with an address from Teamsters General Secretary-Treasurer  Ken Hall, to more than a thousand Teamster women in San Antonio, Texas. View more photos, here.

“We’re thrilled to be in San Antonio, in a room filled with such amazing and vigorous Teamster women. It is because of your commitment and energy to the Teamsters Union, that makes this event so successful every year,” said Hall

Hall addressed the opioid epidemic and the Teamsters efforts to combat pharmaceutical corporations from taking advantage of their workers and the most vulnerable. Hall continued, reporting on the Teamster’s Strike Fund, by praising all the hard work from Teamsters members who have currently raised almost two million dollars for the fund.

The crowd burst into applause, and the vibrancy and energy sifted throughout the room.

Carmen Perez, founder of the Justice League and organizer of the 2017 Women’s March, kept the energy alive with her inspirational and motivational speech on women empowerment and the importance of coming together as one. 

“If you want to play the game, you have to have heart,” said Perez

Perez set the tone and the theme of the day became apparent, when Rebeca Hernandez, a longtime Vistar/PFG employee, and single mother who is currently on strike took to the stage echoing Perez about empowerment, gender inequality, and fighting together as one. 

The theme – Women Empowerment.

“We are tired of being disrespected just because we are women, so we are standing up for a living wage because this is about our families, our kids,” said Rebecca Hernandez, “We’ve given so much to this company so they could become millionaires. Some of us have been working for the company for as long as 15 years, and Vistar refuses to provide equal pay for equal work.”

International Vice President Kim Schultz, also addressed the delegates. 

The day concluded with IBT Director of Organizing Jeff Farmer and International Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer of Teamster Local 853 Rome Aloise, reporting on recent organizing victories.  Aloise and Farmer echoed each other on encouraging the Teamster women to continue their efforts to fighting injustice, taking on leadership roles, and empowering not just each other but also the young women who look up to them, that there is no glass ceiling a woman cannot break.