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UPS Teamsters Convene National Grievance Committee Panels


Representatives and leaders of UPS and UPS Freight Teamster local unions are meeting this week in Seattle for Teamsters National Grievance Committee panel sessions. Across the table from company representatives, subcommittees are hearing dozens of grievance cases on subcontracting, 9.5 violations, safety and health violations, and other issues.

The meetings were kicked off on Monday with a pre-panel session led by Teamsters Package Division Director Denis Taylor who ran through the docket of cases. Taylor commented on the upcoming contract negotiations and the need for unity among all UPS Teamster locals in order to win the strongest contract possible in 2018.

Ken Hall, Teamsters General Secretary-Treasurer and member of the National Negotiating Committee, also spoke during the pre-panel discussion on the urgent need to address pension problems affecting UPS members as well as new technology and competition.

On Tuesday, union and company representatives met in the morning to again review the docket of cases before breaking out into separate panel rooms to hear cases. Panel meetings were held by the National Grievance Committee, the Safety and Health Committee, the 9.5 Committee, the Air Committee, and the Article 43/Premium Services Committee.

Panel sessions for UPS grievance cases resume today and are expected the wrap up by the end of the day.

For UPS Freight Teamsters, screening meetings took place on Tuesday and grievance panel sessions began today. Cases on the UPS Freight docket deal with forced overtime, subcontracting, blackout weeks, penalty pay for untimely unpaid grievances, and other issues.

The Teamsters National UPS Freight Grievance Committee is expected to conclude its panel sessions on Thursday.

Any notable grievance decisions or settlements will not be known until after the panel sessions are over.