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BMWED Members Elect Officers


Delegates representing 24,000 members of the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes Division (BMWED) re-elected Freddie Simpson as their national president during the second day of their Fourth Regular Convention.  Elections were also held for Secretary-Treasurer, Vice Presidents and Executive Board members.  David D. Joynt was elected as Secretary-Treasurer and will serve with Simpson for the next four years.

Also elected were the following vice presidents: Roger Sanchez (South), Louis Below (West), Bruce Glover (Northwest), Sean Gerie (Northeast), and Jed Dodd (At-Large).  The Executive Board members elected were: Denis Albers (South), Jeff Fry  (West), David Carroll (Northwest), Dale Bogart (Northeast), Staci Moody-Gilbert (At-Large), and Jack David (At-Large).

Immediately prior to the elections, as the keynote speaker, Teamsters General Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall addressed the delegates about the importance of holding politicians, whether they be local, state or federal, accountable for what they support, especially when it comes to issues that affect working families.

“We have got to start today to lead the way on workplace safety issues,” Hall said. “We need to have a government that works for the people. Politicians should be willing to stand up when you have safety issues on the job.”

In addition to the election of officers, certain committees delivered reports to the delegates, including those from Credentials, Appeals, Resolutions and Legislative.

Christopher Hensley, chair of the Legislative Committee, emphasized how the committee had tackled the issue of safety at railroad grade crossings and on-track equipment.  Hensley also encouraged members to contribute to the BMWED’s political action fund, DRIVE.

The third and final day of the convention, June 20, there are plans to hear a safety presentation, an occupational health study presentation and any new business.​