Teamsters on the Trail: Nov. 18-24

Teamsters were busy following candidates across the early states in the lead-up to the Thanksgiving holiday, with visits in Georgia, Iowa, Nevada and New Hampshire. As usual, members kept presidential contenders on their toes by pushing for commitments on issues that workers across the country care about most.


Monday, Nov. 18

Minden, Nev.: Former House and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro, asked by Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineer and Trainmen brother Matt Parker about workers’ rights and collective bargaining, said he would push Congress to enact reforms to the National Labor Relations Act and the Railway Labor Act that would give workers their voice and power back. He also indicated he supports the PRO Act, believes more needs to be done to prevent misclassification of workers, and expressed his belief that the government has a greater role to play in protecting workers’ rights. Photo here.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Teamsters from Local 238 were there at Deval Patrick’s first campaign swing through Iowa since announcing his candidacy. Local 238 member, Tony Curran, was not able to get Patrick to answer a question about Teamster issues, nor talk about his plans affecting unions and our members.


Thursday, Nov. 21

Atlanta, Ga..: Local 728 Teamsters were on hand to hear from Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont the night after the Democratic Presidential debate in the Peach State, but didn’t get a chance to ask any questions.


Friday, Nov. 22

Henniker, N.H.: Local 633 retired president Dennis Caza thanked Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota during her stop for her support of the Butch Lewis Act and told her that it is the top issue facing Teamsters right now. Photo here.

Durham, N.H.: Teamsters heard from Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey during a “Conversation with Cory” event. Although they didn’t get to ask a question during the event, they did get to raise important Teamster issues to the Senator directly after the event was over. Photo here.


Saturday, Nov. 23

Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Castro had his second Teamster encounter of the week at a house party event. Iowa Teamsters asked how he would challenge states with Republican majorities seeking to take away public sector bargaining. He said he would appoint a highly qualified National Labor Relations Board to help champion and strengthen labor relations all across the country. Photo here.

Manchester, N.H.: Granite State Teamsters attended a Labor Appreciation Dinner hosted by Senator Sanders. Not only did they get to hear from the Senator on his plans to support unions, but Brother Caza also had the opportunity to address the room on the important issues around multi-employer pensions. Photo here and video here.

Manchester, N.H.: Caza rounded out the weekend by meeting Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. He asked how she would pass the Butch Lewis Act and she said she would work hard to elect Senate candidates who would deprive Mitch McConnell of his majority and pass the bill to support pensions. She also mentioned that since the U.S. was perfectly happy to bail out Wall Street executives, it needs to be willing to support folks in multi-employer pensions who did nothing wrong. Photo here.


UPCOMING – Saturday, Dec. 7

Cedar Rapids, Iowa: The Teamsters are proud to announce the “Teamsters Presidential Forum on Worker Issues,” hosted by General President Hoffa will be held at 2 p.m. on Saturday, December 7.  The event will be live-streamed.  Click here to receive more information on how to watch the Forum live.  And archive will also be available following the forum at