Local 439 Members Canvass in Support of Pro-Worker Candidates

Some 40 members of Teamsters Local 439 joined over the weekend with the San Joaquin & Calaveras Counties Central Labor Council in canvassing union households in Stockton, Calif. for the first time this year in advance of the California primary election March 3.

Participants urged contacted voters to support Congressman Jerry McNerney, Susan Eggman for state Senate, Christina Fugazi for state Assembly and Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs, among other candidates. The labor council will continue the precinct walks until the primary, and then will begin again for the general election, said Esau Hernandez, Local 439’s political coordinator and the Secretary-Treasurer of the San Joaquin/Calaveras CLC.

“We have members from various crafts and companies, but the one thing they have in common is to continually lead the Valley when it comes to activism for the labor movement,” Hernandez said. “We know that we must help elect politicians that hold our values of fighting for working families, organizing the unorganized and raising head of household wages.”

Teamsters all across the country have gotten involved in 2020 election, and that is expected to continue in the months ahead. Come November, voters will decide who they want to lead this country and what they want its future to look like. The process will be tumultuous. But it is a critical decision that will have long-lasting implications.

The Teamsters are taking its role in helping to shape this country’s path forward seriously. It’s why the union rolled out a plan to get involved early in the 2020 election cycle back in June and why it’s had members and retirees crisscrossing early primary states as well as general election battleground states all through the summer and fall to get the candidates on the record on issues that matter most to working Americans.

Now is not a time to be overlooking the labor movement. Unions today are enjoying stronger support than they have in almost 50 years. That’s how the Teamsters were finally able to get Congress to end the regressive “Cadillac Tax” on high-quality health plans. There is an understanding by a sizable majority in this country that hardworking Americans deserve retirement security as well as the ability to collectively bargain on the job.

But just a reminder – getting educated to elect the best candidates for workers, be it at the local, state or federal level, doesn’t mean much if members don’t vote. Cast a vote in the primary and general elections as if your life depends on it. Because it does!