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Message From Port Division Director Ron Herrera


Message From Port Division Director Ron Herrera

The Teamsters Port Division represents workers who are the front lines of our supply chain. Ninety-five percent of the goods that come into our country come through the ports. Teamster port workers, from truck drivers to warehouse workers, are vital as they keep our country supplied and economy running. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is having an impact on port workers, including those who have faced layoffs while port volume has dropped by around 30 percent.

It is particularly hard for workers who are misclassified as “independent contractors” by their employers. Misclassification is an illegal practice that the Teamsters Union has fought hard against for many years. We supported the recent passage of AB5 in the state of California, a law that makes it harder for employers to illegally misclassify workers as independent contractors. AB5 is currently being challenged by employer groups, while we continue to fight to preserve it.  

Even under the pre-AB5 standard, misclassification was considered illegal, and the world understands how detrimental it is—misclassified workers are excluded from unemployment, workers’ compensation, minimum wage, Social Security, disability, and all the protections that they need most in a time like this. 

We are working hard, meeting with employers and representing members in this industry, while working on a fund through the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, of which I am President, to help with rent, groceries, health and welfare or other needs for workers. 

We stand shoulder to shoulder with port workers. This Division has stood with member port workers, as well as with unorganized misclassified workers, because all port workers deserve a voice and employee rights. We stand with you during these difficult times.  

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