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Retiree Chapter Activities

The IBT Department for Retiree Affairs was established in 1983 to create a closer bond among all retired Teamsters. The Department is dedicated to meeting the needs of all retired Teamsters and is consistently working to improve and enhance affordable programs and services for our retirees.

Our retired members are aware of their rights and responsibilities as Union members and citizens. They are often eager to become involved in legislative and political activities.

Retirees are vital to political education. They can initiate letter-writing campaigns to communicate their view to elected officials on the local, state and national level.

Retiree Chapters can sponsor voter registration drives. They can organize get-out-to-vote campaigns or become involved in political campaigns on behalf of labor-friendly candidates.

There are also many different committees within each Teamsters Retiree Club:

  • Entertainment Committee: Social activities are very important during retirement years. This is the time in life for you and your spouse to enjoy life to its fullest. Helping to plan the Club’s activities keeps you involved and active.
  • DRIVE Committee: The Democratic, Republican Independent Voter Education (DRIVE) program is working hard to improve and protect the rights of Americans. It provides the necessary support to candidates for public office, and is a powerful way for us to have an impact on the political and legislative process, especially on issues that affect retirees.

    Federal law prohibits unions from using union dues money to make political contributions to candidates for federal office. We need to stop those who are trying to destroy our rights, as working and retired members, by supporting and passing anti-labor legislation. It is in our own best interest to get active in DRIVE. All we ask of our retired members, on a voluntary basis, is a $5.00 annual contribution to DRIVE. DRIVE holds the key to all of our futures!
  • Political Action Committee: You can play an important role supporting legislative issues by volunteering to join the "Teamsters Retiree Rapid Response Teams," throughout the country. These teams react to legislative issues that affect both active and retired Teamsters. Many of these legislative issues will affect the very benefits that you worked so hard for.
  • Organizing Committee: You will have the opportunity to work with your Local Union in their organizing efforts, and contract campaigns. Supporting our working Brothers and Sisters by helping in their organizing campaigns can be a great way to increase our Union's membership, thereby strengthening our Union. We must keep our Union strong by working together to retain our benefits for both working and retired Teamsters. Remember, changes, such as pension reform, can only happen through future contract negotiations. The rank and file members are our link to improved pensions. Teamwork, active and retired Teamsters members working together, is what the Teamsters Union is all about.
    Benefits of Belonging to a Teamsters Retiree Club/Chapter

    We all know that being active mentally and physically will help us to live long, healthy, and productive lives. This is even more important in our later years, especially after we retire. When you are a member of a Teamsters Retiree Club you will have the opportunity to participate in programs sponsored by the Department for Retiree Affairs and your Club.

    Some of the benefits of belonging to a Teamsters Retiree Club/Chapter are:

    • TeamsteRX Prescription Drug Program;
    • Medicare Supplemental Insurance;
    • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance;
    • Term Life Insurance; and
    • Periodic informational mailings.
    How to Join a Retiree Club/Chapter

    Local Unions with established Teamsters Retiree Clubs will give you an application to join when you retire.

    If your Local Union does not have a Teamsters Retiree Club and you would like to start one, please write or call the Department for Retiree Affairs for information. If you are moving and would like to join a Teamsters Retiree Club, contact the Retiree Affairs Department and they will supply you with a list of clubs in your new area.

    How to Form a Retiree Chapter

    Since Retiree Chapters are established on a Local Union level, our retirees who are interested in forming a Chapter should ask their Local Unions to sponsor the organization.

    The Director of Retiree Affairs is available to meet with Local Unions expressing interest in the formation of Retiree Chapters and in providing any type of assistance that may be necessary in attaining this goal.

    Constitution and Bylaws

    The Constitution and Bylaws as applicable to Teamsters Retiree Chapters are available upon request. Inquiries should be directed to:

    Department for Retiree Affairs

    International Brotherhood of Teamsters
    25 Louisiana Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20001