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Hoffa and Hall Take a Stand for Striking Ohio Workers

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Solidarity is an important feature of the union movement. And yesterday, Teamster leadership engaged in it firsthand.

Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa and General Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall joined striking Libbey Glass workers in Toledo, Ohio on the picket line. Libbey Glass workers are represented by United Steel Workers Local 700, International Association of Machinists Local 105 and Glass Molders Plastics Local 59.

The workers, who are fighting for a new contract with Libbey Glass, are in the middle of negotiations for a new three-year contract with the company. The last contract expired on Oct. 1 when the two sides were unable to hammer out an agreement. The workers are seeking fair working conditions, adjustments to overtime rules and preventing downsizing at the company.

“I am proud to stand with my brothers and sisters in their fight for a fair contract with Libbey Glass,” Hoffa said. “We must raise standards across the board for all workers in all industries to preserve the middle class.”

The workers at all three unions have pledged to remain out on strike until the company has agreed to a fair contract. The unions went on strike at Libbey Glass in 1974 for two-and-a-half months when the two sides could not reach an agreement by the contract’s expiration date.

“It is imperative that all union members support one another in the fight to raise standards,” Hall said. “If we allow our wages and protections to be eroded away by concessionary agreements, our way of life and ability to provide for our families will disappear.” 

Workers win when they stand together. The Teamsters are proud to support fellow union members!