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Today's Teamster News 06.20.14

Teamster News
Federal board accuses port trucking firm of labor law violations  Los Angeles Times   ...The federal government has accused a trucking company in Carson of more than 50 labor law violations, including firing drivers for union activity, retaliating against pro-labor employees and planting an anti-union operative amid its workforce...

Today's Teamster News 04.30.14

Teamster News
Teamsters Applaud School Board Decision To Investigate Durham School Services   ...Teamsters applaud the Charleston County School Board members for their unanimous (9-0) vote Monday night to conduct an investigation into unsafe practices by Durham School Services, the school bus transportation contractor for Charleston County schools...

How to rob a bank (Note: It helps to be CEO)

Bank fraud created the housing bubble and caused the meltdown in 2008. The Federal Reserve could have done something about it, but chose not to.

That's according to Bill Black, former bank regulator, in the video above. He argues the fraud will continue -- and another crisis will happen -- unless the following three things happen:


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