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Today's Teamster News 01.25.13

U.S. business urges Obama to pursue new trade negotiating power  Reuters  ...A leading U.S. business group urged President Barack Obama on Thursday to build on trade successes of the past two years by seeking legislation that would allow him to submit trade deals to Congress for straight up-or-down votes without amendments...

Today's Teamster News 01.19.13

Big win for labor in Chicago  Salon   ...By a unanimous vote on Thursday, Chicago’s City Council passed one of the strongest “wage theft” laws in the United States...
Poverty increasingly means the employed  Salon   ...For a growing segment of workers, a middle-class life is slipping out of reach...

Tell your senators today: Let the majority rule in the Senate

The Employee Free Choice Act would be the law of the land today if it weren't for the modern filibuster. In 2008, the bill making it easier to organize a union passed the House and had majority support in the Senate. But it was extremely easy for anti-worker senators to prevent a vote on the bill. All they had to do was to get 41 people to vote to continue debate. No one had to stand up and talk ... and talk ... and talk ... to kill a bill.

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