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CRomnibus stalled! Keep those calls and emails coming.

The Teamsters Union is urging members to call and write their representatives in Congress with a message: Vote NO on the spending bill that would slash pensions and put tired truckers on the road while empowering Wall Street and the wealthy.

It's working. The bill, nicknamed the CRomnibus, is stalled despite the threat of a government shutdown at midnight Friday if it doesn't pass. (Congress could instead just pass a bill to continue funding at current levels.)

Today's Teamster News 09.05.13

UAL Flight Simulator Techs Vote For Teamster Representation   ...flight simulator technicians at United Airlines voted for sole representation by the Teamsters Union. The 98 technicians were previously represented by the Teamsters at United in Denver and the Transport Workers Union at Continental in Houston prior to the 2010 merger...

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