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Today's Teamster News 01.01.14

Settlement reached at Northern Tier Refinery in St. Paul Park Minneapolis Star Tribune ...Union and company negotiators reached a tentative agreement about 5 p.m. Tuesday, averting a strike that had been called to begin at midnight at the Northern Tier Refinery in St. Paul Park. The deal, which must still be voted on by about 190 workers, came just in time, said Chris Riley, business agent for Teamsters Local 120. “We went to the edge of the cliff,” Riley said…

Why hasn't Alan Greenspan crawled under a rock?

Alan Greenspan doesn't have the decency to just go away, even after he encouraged the housing bubble that burst and caused the 2008 financial panic.  He was chairman of the Federal Reserve Board when the bubble got gigantic, and all he did was cheer it on.

Instead of crawling under a rock, Greenspan is out flogging a new book, to which we will not link because we don't want to encourage it.

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