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Indiana protests

VIDEO: 'The dream of the United States is at stake'

The War on Workers is the new civil war of our age, according to Patrick Bauer, the Democratic Minority Leader in the Indiana Assembly.

When extremists in the Indiana Legislature tried to pass right-to-work legislation to destroy unions -- along with a host of other anti-middle-class bills -- Assembly Democrats left the state for 34 days to prevent a vote. Bauer negotiated a compromise in which right-to-work was taken off the table.

Teamsters rally at IN food pantry

If Indiana's corporate-backed lawmakers succeed in passing anti-worker legislation, the state's food pantries will need a lot more help. That's why Teamsters and their families from Local 364 in South Bend today brought bags of groceries to Broadway Christian Parish, which runs a food pantry. Many of the church's clients work for a living but don't earn enough to keep food on the table.


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