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Chamber can't or won't prove it isn't funneling foreign money to U.S. elections

Of COURSE the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is soliciting money from foreign countries (who by and large want to take our jobs) and spending it on mostly Republican political candidates. Which is, by the way, against the law.

The Chamber claims it "segregates" the money but won't explain how. Some Democrats actually think it's a bad idea to attack the Chamber for an activity that's loathsome to most voters.

Chamber funnels foreign money to influence U.S. elections

TeamsterNation has always maintained that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce should take "U.S." out of its name. The organization not only has directors who represent domestic multinational corporations that have sent hundreds of thousands of American jobs overseas, it actually has directors who represent foreign multinationals from Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Bermuda, Belfium, the U.K. and the Netherlands.


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