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Layoff skunk at 745 Peachtree St.

Looks like AT&T executives are nervous about the Occupation outside their Southeastern headquarters. Maybe they should have thought about that before they decided to lay off 740 people while they're raking in the revenues and the bonuses.

Day 11: Teamsters, CWA, Friends, Occupy AT&T in GA

Another tent is up, No. 24, at 745 Peachtree St. in Atlanta. It's the Occupation of the Southeast headquarters of AT&T, which wants to lay off 740 union workers even as it rakes in the dough. The Occupiers, who want to stop the layoffs, brought a surprise to the corporate lobby on Feb. 13. Reports the Huffington Post,

Atlanta Teamsters demand AT&T rescind 740 layoffs

AT&T wants to lay off 740 employees, but they won't do it without a fight from Atlanta Teamsters, CWA members, Occupy Atlanta members and Jobs With Justice.

The video above is a raw excerpt from Valentine's Day rally at 675 W. Peachtree Building in Atlanta

Workers Independent News also did a feature about the rally. Teamsters Local 728 President Randy Brown was quoted:


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