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Outsourcing: 5 ways corporations grab your tax dollars

Greedy corporations just can't seem to get enough outsourcing, as they take control of public assets like roads, parking meters, schools and prisons.

None of this is news to anyone. But it seems the scope of outsourcing is growing and the pace is accelerating. Just in the past few days we note news items about the corporate takeover of our schools, our water, our prisons and our national air space. Corporations even manage to persuade taxpayers to pay for creating assets -- like football stadiums -- that benefit people who are already wealthy.

MI water privatized; is air next?

Among the distresssing trends brought to us by the Predator State is the privatization of water (along with any other taxpayer asset the crony capitalists can get their hands on).

In Michigan, residents of Pontiac are questioning why their emergency manager struck a deal with a water company that's been indicted for felony violations of the Clean Water Act. Chris Savage at Eclectablog broke the story a few weeks ago:

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