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wisconsin election

Walker donor charged with crime, gov next?

A contributor to Koch whore Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's election campaign is in big trouble and Walker may be next. William Gardner, president and CEO of Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Co., will plead guilty today to felony counts of violating campaign finance laws.

Gardner solicited contributions from his employees to give to Walker's campaign and used company money to reimburse them. It's illegal in Wisconsin to give corporate money to political candidates.

WI hack counts votes like it's FL 2000

Some interesting information is emerging about the GOP hack who suddenly "discovered" enough votes to give Walker clone Supreme Court Justice David Prosser an election victory over Teamster-endorsed JoAnne Kloppenburg. The GOP hack, Kathy Nickolaus, used to work for Prosser and has been involved in a criminal probe of Wisconsin Republicans (what is it with them?)

Democratic Underground tells us this:

Votes for Walker clone magically appear in WI, giving him the victory

Just when we thought the Wisconsin Supreme Court election couldn’t be more of a nail-biter, about 14,000 missing votes "magically" appeared several days after the election. The Teamsters' candidate, JoAnne Kloppenburg, was leading by 206 votes until yesterday. The newly found votes now put David Prosser ahead by 7,500.

How did these votes go missing for days in a closely watched election that was clearly a referendum on Prosser buddy Koch whore Gov. Scott Walker? Short version: It's nice to have friends in the right places.


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