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Wisconsin recall

Was the WI recall rigged?

Thom Hartmann wants to know. Here's why: 1. The Diebold machines are extremely hackable. 2.The Wisconsin election results were 6 percentage points different than the exit polls, which is extremely unusual. 3. The Racine senate recounters double-checked the gubernatorial race and found significant differences between the official election night totals and the hand count -- and in every case the disparities benefited Walker.

Teamster: After Wisconsin, we won't turn our backs on the people who need us

Does the Wisconsin loss mean working people turned on each other? Have we lost our way? Is the term "middle class" meaningless? Those are the questions asked by Rick Hicks, secretary-treasurer of Local 174 in Tukwila, Wash.

Brother Hicks concludes we have not lost our way in an eloquent post to the local's website. We wanted to share the whole thing with you:


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