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In March of 2013 the Teamsters and UAL settled a dispute which resulted in a new benefit for IBT represented members. The new benefit is a one-time career move which provides for many or all costs associated with moving to be paid for by the company. An IBT-represented employee is eligible for a “Career Move” once in their career, provided they is not on probation or returning from inactive status (Furlough, Illness Leave, etc.).

On Thursday June 4th the RUL arbitration continued in Newark at the Airport Hilton. The Company presented its evidence and testimony as the IBT had previously rested pending any rebuttal. After the Company rested there was one very brief rebuttal witness from the Union. The arbitrator then declared the record closed and it was determined that closing arguments would be submitted in the form of briefs. The day's testimony and rebuttal took about five hours. Legal counsel for both sides will now wait for the transcripts from this last day of testimony before beginning the process of writing the briefs.

The NetJets Negotiating Committee worked internally through the week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday writing a counter proposal to Article 22- (Classification), and finalizing the union language on MCC Classification. Along with Article 22, the Committee also finished their proposal on Article 20 – (Training) with emphasis on incorporating existing LOA language into the Article.

RAH Negotiations Update

The IBT Negotiations Team and representatives of the Company met December 17th through December 20th in Jackson, Wyoming to continue bargaining.  Private Mediator Margaret Leibowitz was again present to monitor and facilitate the process.  The two groups made multiple proposals and counter-proposals on Article 6 (Scheduling), Article 7 (Vacancies), as well as re-opening discussions on Article 3 (Compensation).


Teamster Privilege Auto and Home

As a member of IBT you now have access to valuable features and benefits, including special group discounts on auto and home insurance offered through MetLife Auto & Home – a leading provider of quality auto insurance coverage.