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Review the Requirements and Apply


Application Criteria

The International Teamster Women’s Caucus (ITWC) awards two (2) scholarships annually not to exceed five hundred dollars ($500 USD) each to deserving high school seniors based on academics. All applications must comply with the following eligibility and application criteria. Each applicant must:

1. Be the daughter or son of an active or retired Teamster member (parent/guardian) who has at least twelve (12) months of consecutive membership in good standing in the Teamsters Union as of the date of application;

2. Be in the last year of high school or GED program and may not apply if already graduated from high school;

3. Plan to submit SAT or ACT scores for academic evaluation (does not apply to Canadian applicants);

4. Plan to attend an accredited college, university, trade or business school.

Application Procedure

1. Complete this application. Print, fill out and forward the application to the International Teamster Women’s Caucus by May 1st of your graduation year in order to be received by the necessary deadline.

2. Attach an essay of 500 to 750 words on the following topic: “How can Unions motivate our youth and women in particular to become involved in the Union?”

3. Along with your completed application, additional information will be required. This information is as follows:

a) An official high school transcript which includes your class rank.

b) General Education Certificate or equivalent and applicable records or;

c) SAT results or ACT results for academic consideration (does not apply to Canadian applicants).

d) Proof of Teamster parent/guardian membership status (copy of latest dues receipt or print out from the Local Union).