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Requesting an Audit

How to Request an Audit of Work Standards at Your Facility

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is determined to continue to represent the members who are employed by companies with unfair production standards. The Teamsters Warehouse Division has Industrial Engineers on staff to assist Teamster locals in defending their members in the fight against unfair computerized production standards companies continually implement. The engineers will evaluate the company’s production standards that are not reasonably obtainable for the members employed at the facility.

Specific Teamster locals will request the assistance of a Teamster engineer when there have been occurrences of discipline due to members not obtaining a predetermined enforcement level. The engineers will schedule a visit to the facility needing assistance to validate the existing or revised production standards.

The engineer will examine allowances the company has allotted for delay, personal time, and fatigue factors. They will also examine documentation concerning past performance to standards. The engineer will perform time studies in the areas in question. The engineer will then report to the specific Teamster local with the results from the visit and recommendations.


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