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A Message from General President Jim Hoffa

A Message from General President Jim Hoffa

These are difficult times for unions and working families. The war on workers rages on and the result has been stagnation for workers and record profits for corporations.

Most unions are struggling, but the Teamsters Union continues to make great strides for our members. At the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, we are working hand in hand with Joint Councils, local unions and other affiliates on everything from organizing and shareholder actions to strike support and contract enforcement.

Rank-and-file Teamsters are more engaged than any other union’s members and that matters.

The Teamsters Union is unified like never before. That was evident at our recent Unity Conference, where I was proud to address my fellow Teamsters along with my partner, General Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall.

We are truly stronger when we stand together, and we need to stand together at this critical juncture.

Politicians and CEOs, ALEC and the Chamber of Commerce are all trying their hardest to weaken us. Roadblocks are being put in the way of organizing new members. We are being attacked in state legislatures and in Washington, D.C., and our enemies can outspend us easily. They have billions of dollars at their disposal.

But when we are unified, we can fight back. When we are unified, we can put boots on the ground where they are needed in order to fight the war on workers. When we have boots on the ground and we march together, no corporate entity can stop us.

We have to stay unified and continue to outwork our foes because they are never going to stop shoving bad legislation down our throats. We are under attack because they know if the unions are gone, there will be nobody left to fight the money and power of the corporate bosses.

That’s why we need to educate our friends and neighbors, and sometimes even our co-workers, about what it means to be in a union.

We truly are stronger together.

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