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‘Buy American Order Takes Important Step

Executive Order Takes Important Steps Toward Promoting American Workers, Business

The Teamsters Union supports the recent signing of the “Buy American and Hire American” Executive Order by President Donald Trump. The initiatives that promote American workers and investment in domestic products will help the country take a positive step toward a stronger economy.

The order outlines federal procurement policies that will focus on utilizing goods, products and materials produced in the United States. It directs federal agencies to minimize the use of waivers and exemptions that allow them to bypass the Buy American laws that encourage the use of American-made products.

America has always been at its strongest when the middle class prospers. By investing in American manufacturers and their products, those companies can return good jobs to the working men and women of the middle class.

The order also addresses the flaws in the H-1B visa program which is in desperate need of reform as employers continue to exploit this program to undermine good jobs and wages that should go to qualified American candidates.

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