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Crestwood Police Officers Ratify Strong Teamster Contract

Teamsters Local 610 Members Gain Wage Increases, on the Job Protections
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Jeff Hall

Phone: (314) 209-0018

(CRESTWOOD, Mo.) – Police officers with the Crestwood Police Department have voted unanimously to ratify their first Teamster contract. The 20 police officers, who are members of Local 610, are the first group of Teamster-represented officers in Missouri.  

“After a lengthy negotiation and a 100 percent ‘yes’ ratification vote, we finally did it,” said Jeff Hall, President of Local 610. “I’m so proud of the officers of Crestwood and the tenacity they showed by sticking together. I’m honored to represent the heroes who serve and protect the citizens of the ‘Show Me’ state.”   

“It’s been a hard negotiation, but we all stuck together, and the Teamsters never gave up on us. We achieved substantial wage increases, increased vacation time, and language that protects us as officers. Also, the Teamsters Legal Defense Fund is a very attractive benefit for our members. I’m encouraging all other police departments who haven’t unionized to call the Teamsters today and learn how much joining will help you and your department,” said 

Officer Dion Olson, who has been with the Crestwood Police Department for more than 11 years and was a member of the negotiating committee.

"The City of Crestwood is pleased to have reached a three-year agreement with our police officers and Local 610. Among other matters, the contract provides for increased wages to keep our salaries competitive, which the city hopes will increase morale and employee retention,” said Grant J. Mabie, mayor of Crestwood. “The City of Crestwood and its police officers are committed to continuing to provide the public with exemplary public safety."

Crestwood, a city of more than 11,900 residents in the St. Louis metropolitan area, is one of the safest cities in Missouri in thanks to its officers and leadership.