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DHL Clerical Workers Vote Unanimously to Join Teamsters Local 174

A group of 13 office clerical staff working for DHL Seattle and Sea-Tac voted today to become members of Teamsters Local 174. The couriers, ramp workers, and part-time loaders and unloaders at these locations are already Teamsters, so the addition of the clerical staff makes these facilities wall-to-wall Teamster shops.

Current DHL Teamsters at these locations are covered by the National Master DHL Agreement, which covers more than 2,800 Teamsters nationwide, as well as the Local 174 Rider Agreement. Now that the Seattle and Sea-Tac clerical workers have joined Teamsters Local 174, negotiations will commence to add them to these Agreements. All Local 174 members at DHL are represented by Senior Business Agent David Jacobsen, who helped to organize the group alongside Local 174 Director of Organizing Meaza Ogbe.

The Company committed an Unfair Labor Practice during the campaign by suddenly giving workers a raise as soon as the organizing drive became public. Prior to the raise, workers had been under a wage freeze for years. Despite this, and with plenty of help and support from their Teamster coworkers like driver Jeff Fecteau, the office clericals spoke clearly today when they voted unanimously to join Teamsters Local 174.

“We are proud to welcome these new members into our Local Union, and we thank them for their trust as they work to build a stronger future,” said Teamsters Local 174 Secretary-Treasurer Rick Hicks. “For years they have been watching their coworkers reap the benefits of one of the strongest Union contracts in the country, and now they will have the opportunity to participate in that as well. We look forward to demonstrating the value of being a Teamster.”

Founded in 1909, Teamsters Local 174 represents 8,100 working men and women in the Seattle area. “Like” us on Facebook at…

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