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Hurricane Maria's Aftermath: Monday, October 16

Teamsters from the tristate area made up a significant portion of the membership that went to Puerto Rico to help out with Disaster Relief. New York and New Jersey Teamsters are well prepared for Disaster Relief, having lived through 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Maria's Aftermath: Wednesday, October 11

The tragedies brought by Hurricane Maria didn’t end after the storm. On Monday and Tuesday, disaster relief workers in Puerto Rico had to deal with a new challenge: mudslides that emerged following new rainfall on the island. No Teamster volunteers were hurt, but the situation illustrates how the forces of nature don’t stop wreaking havoc just because a storm has ended.

Hurricane Maria's Aftermath: Tuesday, October 10

Disaster relief involves multiple organizations looking to get hundreds of thousands of people water, food, and other necessities all in a matter of days – an effort that presents a great deal of logistical challenges. Being without electricity, drivable roads or cell phone service on most of the island makes these challenges exponentially worse.

Hurricane Maria's Aftermath: Monday, October 9

Coordinating with government agencies, other labor unions, the Red Cross, non-profit organizations, and other groups has been central to successful disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico by the Teamsters.