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System Expanded to Aid Local Unions

The TITAN IV system has been enhanced and expanded to better serve local unions with record keeping and the ability to provide important information in a timely and more efficient manner.

Some of the new features already implemented on the TITAN IV system include the following:

  • A Hiring Hall Dispatch function has been implemented. This module includes an electronic voice recognition capability to permit members to dial an 800 number that provides unique information regarding their status and eligibility for future dispatch.

  • The electronic exchange of data (electronic injection) between the local union and the employer has proven to be extremely beneficial and a tremendous time saver for pre-billing and/or posting check-off information.

  • The TITAN IV capabilities specific to DRIVE have been expanded to include additional reports and the ability to selectively identify members that are participants/non participants.

  • Other enhancements include the ability for local unions that pre-bill weekly to calculate delinquencies for missed weeks and the ability for local unions to bill for delinquent assessments.

In addition to those new features described above, there are enhancements currently in the development stage that will include:

  • The ability to electronically export TITAN data specific to the month-end close out totals and make that information available for import into the CBSII Bookkeeping System

  • Export capabilities are expected to include delinquency information that can be imported into a Microsoft Word document and ultimately used to prepare personalized delinquency letters to members thereby replacing the current TITAN Data Mailers.

  • A Teamsters Grievance Tracking System will be introduced on TITAN. This system will facilitate the accumulation of information specific to a particular grievant by permitting static information (i.e. name, address, employer, etc.) to be obtained from TITAN and used to electronically populate the Grievance Tracking System.

  • The TITAN system will be capable of taking advantage of laser printer technology thereby eliminating the need to use the current impact printers.

  • A point of sale printer is being evaluated for use in local unions having a substantial volume of window activity. This printer is approximately 4 inches wide and 6 inches long, and utilizes roll paper similar to that used on an adding machine. This feature will eliminate paper waste currently experienced when printing a single receipt on the worksheet with receipt form for a member paying dues over the counter.

The TITAN IV system will continue to be evaluated and expanded to provide functionality that is helpful in assisting local unions in their efforts to better administer to the needs of its membership.

For more information or to request training for the TITAN IV system, contact the Office of the General Secretary-Treasurer.

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