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Two XPO Facilities Vote to Align With Teamsters; U.S. Appeals Court Orders FedEx Freight to Negotiate with Local 439; Fla. Durham School Bus Workers Approve Contract; IBT Forms School Bus Safety Committee; Hoffa, Hall Join Ohio Workers on Picket Line; Organizing News; This Week in Teamster Music; Survey Shows Dire State of UC Support Workers


Conn., Ill. XPO Workers Are Latest to Join Teamsters; FedEx Freight Must Bargain with Stockton, Calif. Teamsters; Three Years Later, Fla. School Bus Drivers Finally Approve Deal; New Union Panel Will Address Safety Issues at School Bus Companies in U.S., Canada; Top Teamsters Lend Support to Libbey Glass Workers; Conn. First Student Workers Now Part of Local 493; Calif. Firefighters Vote to Join Local 439; Bob Dylan, Union Member, Earns Nobel Peace Prize; Report Shows UC System is Underpaying Administrative Staff