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Pennsylvania Paycheck Deception Bill Defeated


(HARRISBURG, Penn.) – Pennsylvania legislators voted last night against the proposed Senate Bill 166 which was characterized as a “paycheck protection” bill, but was actually a means to silence the voice of working families.

“’Paycheck protection’ is part of a national effort being pushed by the same big corporations and CEOs who for years boosted their profits by sending American jobs overseas,” said William Hamilton, president of the Pennsylvania Conference of Teamsters and International Vice President.

“No worker can be forced to fund a union’s political and legislative activities. As it stands, union members choose whether to join a union, set their own dues, elect their own leaders and vote on where and how their money will be spent.”

“We applaud the legislators who voted NO on this bill. This bad legislation, part of the whole “right to work” platform, would have only served to hurt working families. With this defeat, working men and women will continue to have a right to voice their political views.”

The Pennsylvania Conference of Teamsters represents 95,000 Teamster members throughout the state and thousands of retirees.