Contract Unity Pledge Campaign Kick-Off

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The International is calling on all UPS locals to take part in the Contract Unity Pledge campaign. We need every UPS Teamster to stand together – across all classifications and pay scales, full-time and part-time. And we need to give General President Sean M. O’Brien and General Secretary-Treasurer Fred Zuckerman the united show of force they need to win at the bargaining table.

To that end, we have assembled the following toolkit of materials for local unions to use at rallies, parking lot meetings, and leafletting actions at UPS locations beginning February 20, 2023 to get as many contract unity pledge cards signed and to show support for our supplemental negotiating committees that are already at the table with the company.

In this toolkit:

Contract Unity Pledge Card & Instructions

Contract Unity Pledge Cards are being shipped to all locals. We urge locals to return signed cards every two weeks to the Package Division throughout the duration of the pledge campaign.

Instructions have been emailed to all locals with directions on getting cards signed and how to ship signed cards back to the Package Division.

Contract Unity Pledge Flier

The Rap: Quick Talking Points at the Gates

Social Media Content

Sample Social Media Text for Facebook, Instagram, etc.

SIGN THE CONTRACT UNITY PLEDGE! UPS’s record profits come from the hard work of Teamster members. It’s time to take back what we are owed by fighting for the strongest contract in UPS history.

The International has launched the UPS Teamsters Contract Unity Pledge campaign, calling on locals to get as many UPS members to sign a unity pledge card as we prepare to begin national negotiations. The company will look for every opportunity to divide our members and sign another contract full of concessions. We can’t let that happen! We need every UPS Teamster – full-timers, part-timers and all classifications – to pledge their commitment to standing united.

When you see us in the parking lots and at the gates over the next few weeks, take a few seconds to stop and fill out a card. Unity is key in this fight. Let’s have each other’s backs and make certain that no group is left behind in this contract. Let’s show the company we are ready to take militant action. And let’s show UPS that we are a united, unstoppable force with the power to overwhelm the company until it delivers on our demands!

Click below to download graphic

Rally Signs

Locals are encouraged to use signs they already have from previous actions or print more. CLICK HERE FOR PRINTABLE FILES. Download and print the “I Signed the Contract Unity Pledge” sign to take member photos/selfies for social media.

18″ x 12″


Files can be sent to any local printer. If you need help finding a local printer, click here to use the Graphic Communications Conference “Find a Union Printer” tool.

The following guidelines for printing should be shared with the printer you use:
• Sign size: 18″ x 12″
• Double-sided
• Full color, full bleed

CLICK HERE for a printable 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of the “I Signed the Contract Unity Pledge” sign

Share Photos & Videos from Your UPS Actions

Show the company that UPS members are united and committed to this fight. Send in photos of members with the “I Signed the Contract Unity Pledge” sign. The Teamsters will feature content from actions happening in every region of the country across the International’s social media platforms.

To submit image or video files from your phone:

  1. CLICK HERE to upload files and indicate your local union and location of the action. OR…
  2. Open the UPS Teamsters app and click on “Share Action Photos/Videos.” Upload your files and indicate your local union. OR…
  3. Email your files to Remember to include your local union, as well as the UPS center/location where the action took place.


Tips for Tabling

Make sure you have:

Use the rap (talking points above) to get members to fill out card.

Note: Members can fill out the card on the app but please encourage them to fill it out on the card instead.