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Brewery & Soft Drink Conference Elects Policy Committee

Anheuser Busch brewery, St. Louis, February, 2019

At a recent meeting held via Zoom in which over 100 delegates to the Teamsters Brewery and Soft Drink Workers Conference participated, members of the policy committee were nominated and elected without opposition. The conference represents more than 60,000 workers at Anheuser-Busch, Miller/Coors, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Keurig Dr Pepper and many regional brands employed in the brewing, bottling, packaging, delivery and merchandizing of products.

Greg Nowak, director of the Conference and president of Teamsters Joint Council 43 in Detroit, was re-elected as Secretary-Treasurer and Dan Grace, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 830 in Philadelphia, was re-elected as Recording Secretary.

Sixteen Vice Presidents from local unions across North America, were also elected:

John Becker, Local 688; John Bulgaro, Local 294; Phil Cooper, Local 896; Vernon Gammon, Local 391; Bob Gartner, Local 6; Dennis Hart, Local 853; Pete Lamb, Local 174; Paul Markwitz, Local 118; Craig McInnes, Local 938; Kevin O’Conner, Local 469; Tony Petillo, Local 125; Steve Richmond, Local 1149; Eric Tate, Local 848; Joe Vitta, Local 812; Tim Wentz, Local 662 and Larry Yoswa, Local 792

“I’m proud to have a strong team on our policy committee as we gear up to negotiate contracts this year,” Nowak said. “Although the beer, wine and soft drink industry has shifted due to the pandemic, we anticipate a surge in sales when its predicted that restaurants and bars re-open later this year. Fortunately, the sales at liquor stores and big-box stores have increased due to people buying products for at-home consumption. This shift has kept production in our brewing and bottling facilities up.”