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Jim Hoffa Casts Electoral Vote for Obama

On Monday, December 15, the Electoral College met and formally elected Barack Obama president of the United States, and Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa was there to proudly cast his vote.

“It was such an honor to be involved in so many aspects of this election,” Hoffa said. “When I cast my electoral vote for Barack Obama, I knew it was the right thing. It was the same feeling I got when the Teamsters Union endorsed his candidacy. This historic election will change the course this country has taken in the last eight years, and working men and women will benefit from that change.”

Presidents are not elected by a popular vote, but must get at least 270 of the 538 electoral votes. Each state gets at least two, plus one for each of its House members, which is determined by the state’s population. This system was devised in 1787. Hoffa cast his vote in the State Senate Chambers in the Michigan State Capitol.

From being named a superdelegate to casting an electoral vote to talking with thousands upon thousands of Teamsters about the importance of electing Obama, Hoffa devoted a great deal of time and effort to the 2008 election.

The Teamsters Union’s unprecedented get-out-the-vote effort in this election helped tip the scales in Obama’s favor. More than 37,000 Teamsters helped Obama out during the campaign, and more than 500,000 Teamsters were visited at their work sites as part of the effort.

Obama sees eye-to-eye with the labor movement on a variety of issues, such as trade agreements, the Employee Free Choice Act, relief for the middle class and a number of other issues.

“We endorsed Obama and got heavily involved in the election because we know he’ll be good for the country,” Hoffa said. “We know that because he’s a friend of working families. As long as the president is watching out for working families, this country cannot go wrong.”

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