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Drivers At Penske Logistics Choose Teamsters

Workers at Penske Logistics in Ontario, California voted unanimously to secure Teamster Local Union 952 in Orange, California as their bargaining representative. The 18 drivers in the bargaining unit deliver products for CVS Drug stores in Southern California and Nevada, and perform shuttle work in conjunction with the Northern California distribution center.

The victory follows a successful organizing campaign that began in March 2009. The solidarity of the group was never in question as days before the election all of the workers signed a petition to signify their intent to vote to join Local Union 952.

“I have wanted to be a Teamster for a long while. Now that it is a reality it’s an exciting time for me and my fellow drivers,” said James Johnson, a driver at Penske Logistics. “I’m looking forward to fair wages, teamster representation and better treatment in the workplace.”

Officials at Teamsters Local 952 hopes that this is the first of many victories in this sector, as workers realize the value of having a strong representative in the workplace during these trying economic times.

“It is imperative that the Teamsters Union organize within the ever-growing logistics sector,” said Patrick D. Kelly, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local Union 952. “This victory should help kick off additional organizing in the warehouse and logistic sectors.”