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Transportation Concepts Employees Vote Teamsters

For public transit bus drivers at Transportation Concepts in Riverside, Hemet and Temecula California, joining the Teamsters wasn’t about getting a raise in pay or benefits. It was about getting respect.

On May 21, 151 drivers secured that respect when they voted to join the Teamsters 74 to 53. The drivers are now members of Local 63 in Covina, California.

Driver George McDaniel, a member of the Transportation Concepts organizing committee, called that day one of the proudest in his life.

“It wasn’t easy, but we got it done,” McDaniel said, explaining that the company hired a union-busting law firm during the campaign. “When it comes to negotiating our contract, the money and the benefits will come secondary. Our main goal was union representation first and foremost. We wanted to stop all of the injustice against us.”

Among other things, McDaniel and his coworkers sought union representation to end favoritism, a high turnover rate and to gain basic benefits including sick days and vacation pay.

“A lot of people in this industry have been suppressed and it’s good to see them break out of that suppression,” said Randy Cammack, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 63. “Transportation Concepts employees will have the full strength of Teamsters Local 63 standing strong behind them.”

Cammack is hoping Transportation Concepts employees will have their first contract within three months.