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Local 553 Welcomes New Members Employed By Rose Fence

Employees at one of Long Island’s largest residential fence companies, Rose Fence, are now represented by Teamsters Local 553 in New York. A large majority of the 70-member workforce voted in favor of Teamster representation on Sunday, May 23, 2010.

“Some Rose Fence employees contacted our local union about a month ago,” said Demo Demopoulos, president of Teamsters Local 553. “They had seen our name on the internet when they did a Google search for unions in the area. We had just organized the horse carriage drivers in New York which has gotten us a lot of publicity, too.”

The Rose Fence employees work as drivers, installers and helpers. They had never been represented by a union before, but recently the company cut their health care. The workers wanted the protection of a union and someone to fight to get their health care benefits back.

The new Local 553 members will be part of the Building Material and Construction Trade Division.