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Republic Services Waste Workers Join Local 396

On October 15, 17 workers at two waste transfer stations in the Los Angeles area voted overwhelmingly to join Local 396.

The workers voted 16 to 1 to join Local 396, based in Covina, California.

“The workers are seeking fair wages, improved benefits and better working conditions,” said Victor Mineros, an International Union organizer assigned to Local 396. “The two stations are among the last to be unionized in the area.”

“I’m proud of these workers for standing up for their rights at work,” said Ron Herrera, Local 396 Secretary-Treasurer. “These workers and others in the waste industry in Los Angeles County are tired of being subjected to substandard wages and working conditions. We look forward to continuously reaching out to waste workers to help them gain the strong voice that they deserve as Teamsters.”

One of the workers, Juan Negrete Jr., said he is happy to become a Teamster. His father is also a member of Local 396 who works in the waste industry.

“My father raised me on good union wages and benefits in the waste industry,” Negrete Jr. said. “It’s only right that I get the same opportunities so that I can provide for my family.”