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Local 17 Organizes Convention Center Workers in the Mile-High City

In June, 25 furniture movers at the Colorado Convention Center unanimously voted in favor of Teamster representation.

After this victory, Local 17’s organizing momentum continued.

Only three months after the furniture movers voted 25-0 to become Teamsters, the five groundskeepers, who are also at the Colorado Convention Center, unanimously voted in favor of joining the Teamsters in October. The furniture movers and the groundskeepers are now represented by the Denver-based Local 17.

“Wages are an issue, but it is not the overriding issue. The groundskeepers and furniture movers want the protection of a Teamster contract. They want a grievance procedure that the employer would have never given them, otherwise,” said Michael Simeone, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 17. “We are proud and honored that these hardworking employees chose Teamsters Local 17 to represent them.

“The state-of-the-art Colorado Convention Center is located in Denver, where the Rocky Mountains serve as a majestic backdrop,” Simeone said “With all of its amenities, the Colorado Convention Center is one of the most dynamic venues in which major corporations hold innumerable conferences and other major events in that region of the country each year.”

The 25 furniture movers are responsible for providing the professional look that the companies need to make their products and services in the exhibit booths visibly appealing, which promotes business growth and helps them become more profitable.

The five groundskeepers are in charge of the maintenance and beautiful landscaping of all the areas surrounding the convention center.

“This is a new group for Local 17, and these workers want to exemplify what it means to be a part of the strongest union in the world,” Simeone said. “Having Teamsters working there at the Colorado Convention Center, businesses and the community are being served by the cream of the crop.”