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Alsco Workers Join Local 71

AlscoAls route sales representatives (RSR’s) in Charlotte, N.C., have voted overwhelmingly in favor of representation by Teamsters Local 71.

The 10 RSR’s at Alsco’s Dwight Evans Road location voted 8-1 to become members of Local 71, joining the already organized Alsco RSR’s at the Dalton Road location as Teamsters.

“In these hard times, these drivers, after talking with other Also drivers, saw the value of a Teamster contract, with better wages, benefits and job security for themselves and their families,” said Ted Russell, President of Local 71.

“It’s always great when we organize new groups. We’ve been proactive in our organizing in laundry and we are looking forward to organizing more workers and negotiating strong contracts,” said Dennis Raymond, Director of the Teamsters Bakery and Laundry Conference.

Uniting for Equality

Greg Turner worked at the Teamster-represented Alsco location on Dalton Road for 17 years. After leaving the company, he returned three years ago to work at the Dwight Evans Road location.

“When I came over here, I told the guys about certain things the union got for us, like the sick days, the better insurance. Things were done faster and better, and we had equal pay and equal rights,” Turner said. “They started seeing the benefits of how we were treated at Dalton and wanted the same here.”

The RSR’s were steadfast in their organizing. To get started, they met with Local 71 Secretary-Treasurer and Business Agent Ernie Wrenn, Local 71 Organizer Randy Conrad and Alsco shop steward Joe Robertson. Conrad had also helped organize workers at Alsco in Greensboro.

“Much appreciation and thanks goes to Dennis Raymond, Dave Dudas, and Tyronne Brewster for the work they do in the Conference, their commitment to organizing and their assistance. Locals from Florida to Georgia to Virginia and all the way to Alaska gave their support with pictures and support petitions,” Wrenn said.

Russell and Wrenn also thanked Local 391 Recording Secretary George Phillips and Local 61 President Brian Ball for their assistance.