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Hertz Workers in Texas Join Local 745

On December 30, 33 vehicle-service agents at Hertz at the Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport voted to join Local 745 in Dallas.

The workers voted 27-6 to become Teamsters.

“We are working hard to grow our unit at Hertz at the airport—in September 2008 other workers at Hertz voted to join our local,” said Brent Taylor, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 745.

In the earlier campaign, the instant return, customer-service representatives, Gold Club runners and door greeters voted 45-8 to join the Teamsters. There were 55 workers in that bargaining unit, bringing the total to nearly 90 organized at Hertz at the airport.

“The latest group of Hertz workers is concerned about job security and respect,” said Rod Cuevas, organizer for Local 745.