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Megabus Drivers Join Teamsters

Megabus drivers in New Jersey have voted overwhelmingly, 94-1, in favor of representation by Teamsters Local 102 in Springfield. The drivers are headquartered out of Elizabeth and service an area that spans from Boston to Washington, D.C. The workers united seeking respect and an end to favoritism in their workplace.

“From our pay to conditions of employment, there are so many changes that we need,” said Charles O. Hall, a driver and Teamster shop steward. “We need a Teamster contract.”

“These individuals were really motivated to become Teamsters and worked together to get that accomplished in a short period of time,” said Kevin O’Connor, Local 102 Secretary-Treasurer.

“I think all the credit goes to these drivers in recognizing and wanting to be represented by the Teamsters,” said Tom Duffy, Local 102 President.

Katrina McGowan is among the 170 Megabus drivers who have joined the Teamsters. McGowan is also a shop steward and was among the first group of workers who made initial contact with Local 102, expressing interest in joining the union.

“The mistreatment at work kind of bubbled up and I was more than energized to go out and get the information I needed, to help form the union. I know the Teamsters is a very strong and very large union. And we desperately needed help,” McGowan said. “The first thing I would like to see is more on-the-job respect. I’m looking forward to going into negotiations.”

Teamsters Local 102 has experience with representing workers in the bus industry. The local currently represents four groups of First Student school bus workers.

Megabus is a bus service operating in the United States and Canada that is owned by Stagecoach Group, a United Kingdom-based company. Megabus operates on a low-cost model of express bus service between major U.S. cities.